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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

NOVOTEC-OfficeNOVOTEC Computer-Systeme GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of systems for the production data acquisition in Germany today, founded in Karlsruhe in 1988. We put the main emphasis of our work on the documentation of tankand workshop data with a following processing. Operators of public filling stations and fleets of vehicles have all relevant information at the disposal any time with NOVOTEC systems which is imperative for the economically efficient control of their enterprise.

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The range of product is coordinated with the customer requirements

NOVOTEC GmbH orientates itself exclusively at the requirements of the market at the development and production of new products. In detailed customer conversations the experienced employees collect all wishes, analyse possible variants on the putting into action and finally work out optimized development- and production concepts. The customer benefit always is in the centre.

Terminals to the forecourt data collection which are provided in most different configurations are our main product. No matter whether terminals to the recognition of bank-, credit- orfleet cards for use at public filling stations, whether terminals for self consumers (forwarding agencies, industrial plants and workshops with a fleet of vehicles, airfields etc.) or mobile machines for the installation into trucks – for all needs a tailor-made product is available.

The tank terminal have to be completed by a system ofcontrol with supervision and invoice function or by efficient software solutions to the administration of fleet of vehicles and staff information alternatively. All common identity card systems for the clear identification of users belong to the portfolio of NOVOTEC GmbH of course, as well asone-off solutions to the automatic vehicle recognition and systems for the contents of the tank gauging.

Quality, reliability and flexibility are our strengths

NOVOTEC GmbH stands for continuity, reliability and consistently high quality of the products from the beginning. A staff trained excellently which consists of electronic engineers, computer science engineers, fitters and sales professionals is responsible for it. We put great value on keeping everything in our own hand – from the idea up to the maturity stage of a product: Planning, development, construction and production are established in the Karlsruhe corporate headquarter – sales and services over authorized specialist dealers are coordinated from here.

By this constellation it remains also any time possible for us to react to your quite special requests  flexibly. "We can not do everything, however, almost make everything possible for you."

In accordance with this principle we are your competent contact person for individual consultations, work out new concepts together with you and develop on inquiry one-off solutions which cannot be covered with the mature standards.

Long-standing experience guarantees a unique support

A full-coverage net of authorized specialist dealers in Germany as well as partners in the European foreign countries ensure a place near customer service. Our distribution partners stand out due to long-standing market experience and are trained by a specific training very well with regard to installation and application of NOVOTEC products.

Dealers and end customers are supported by support employees and technicians from the corporate headquarter in Karlsruhe. They can be reached through the NOVOTEC hotline and answer all attacking questions with concentrated know-how. Our customers are not left alone outside the hotline times either of course – a dealer or one of our sales colleagues is contemporarily always available.

According to the company philosophy NOVOTEC GmbH makes the needs of its customers into the centre. However, also by innovation we will fill you with enthusiasm with quality and reliability.

We cannot do everything but we make nearly everything possible: accordingly, each Novotec employee is aiming at maximum client satisfaction. The desires and request of our clients always come first with us - every wish will be noted and discussed in individual consultation meetings with our clients and sales partners.

Novotec`s declared aim is to contribute to the client`s success by constant development and above-average commitment. An extensive partner`s network offers optimal service to the client. We are on our way - our aim is perfection!

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