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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

The printer version 5-EM-0000032-100 can no longer be supplied. Spare parts are also not available. Appliances using this printer will be refitted with a current model in case of printer failure. We deliver the new printer including all the necessary cables and the metal covers fitting the machine housing (TA-100 / SV-040). In case of printer failure, please always ask whether it can be substituted or needs to be exchanged for the new model.

The journal printers version 5-EM-0000040-x00 and 5-EM-0000041-x00 are also being discontinued by our supplier. Starting now, we cannot substitute any defective printers. The machine must be refitted with electronic journals if it is not older than Release 9. Machines with Release 8 or smaller cannot be refitted and must be replaced.

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