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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

Basic Devices

  • port for 1 fuel dispenser
  • RFID or touchkey or magnetic card readers 2/3 track 2
  • management of 500 identity cards (vehicles or persons)
  • PC interface (RS232/RS422)
  • communication program for data transfer
  • memory for 1000 refuellings


  • flexible: data transfer by GPRS modem, bluetooth or manually by data stick.
  • individual: the meters can be mounted on various mobile fuel tanks. We can adapt to most situations (see pictures).
  • tough: the mobile meters are strong in any kind of situation. Whether in the field, in a quarry or on a building site, shocks or dirt can hardly harm them.

Refuelling directly on the building site or in the field

Safe, efficient, cost-reducing

  • How do you document fuel use of machinery on a building site or in the field during harvest?
  • Do you make a note every time you refuel a machine and later enter the data manually into the computer?
  • Do you always note a very high consumption of fuel whenever machinery is refuelled on a building site or in the field?

With the mobile automatic fuel meter, those worries are over. It is evidently too expensive to drive the machines from the building site or the field to a petrol pump. That is why you take a tank lorry or mobile tank to where it is needed. If there is an automatic fuel meter (fed by the onboard electricity supply of 24 V) mounted on this unit, every refuelling will be registered including identity card number, date, time and quantity. Via GPRS modem, bluetooth or data stick you can later transfer this data to your management program on your server. Manual mistakes or „lost“ refuelings will be history.

Your work will be safe, efficient, cost-reducing.

  • Highlights
  • Basic Equipment
  • Card Acceptance
  • Downloads
  • modern: TFT Touch-Display (154x92 mm / 7 "), Backlight LED (700cd/m²), embedded PC.
  • modular: can be customised according to the customer´s demands. EC or credit card acceptance, bank note reader, voucher function or up to four identity card readers can be added to it.
  • flexible: supports the most common protocols (IFSF LON, ER3, TwoWire). An additional impulse interface can be connected.


  • 1 connection for 1 hose (IFSF LON, ER3, TwoWire, Impulse)
  • TFT Touch Display (800x480 / 7 Zoll)
  • Identity card reader (RFID or Touchkey)
  • Administration of 1000 identity cards
  • PC-interface (LAN, W-LAN, DSL, GPRS, Powerline)
  • Communications program for data retrieval
  • Unlimited memory for refuellings
  • Electronic journal
  • Stainless steel coated housing


  • Like NSC-200, plus online card processing (ec-/credit cards)

The option "bank note reader including barcode-scanner for vouchers" can be ordered for both versions.

NSC-Basis / model SV-010

  • Housing version SV-010
  • 1 connection for 1 hose (ER3, IFSF LON, TwoWire or impulse)
  • TFT touch display (800x480 / 7 inch)
  • Identity card reader (NCS-RFID)
  • Administration of 2000 identity cards, list of references
  • PC-interface (LAN, optional: DSL, GPRS, Powerline)
  • Communications program for data retrieval
  • Unlimited memory for refuellings
  • Stainless steel coated housing

NSC-Klassik / Classic

  • like NSC-Basis, additional electronic journal

It depends on your contract with your provider which ec and credit cards can be used at your NSC-200ec.

The terminal can process the following cards among others:

  • ec-Karte
  • girocard
  • Mastercard/Eurocard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • DKV / UTA
  • Roadrunner / GAZ-Karte

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