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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

Fuelling service for your clients around the clock (TA series)

For universal use and cost reducing

The TA-100 is your ideal night manager. It manages your night service alone, without expenses for staff and with a reduced safety risk. Even at „ghost stations“, that is at petrol stations with only automatic fuelling systems, the TA-100 is your ideal choice. It guarantees smooth service and you need pay for no personnel.

Refuelling with ec and credit cards
In addition to company cards, your clients can also use ec and many credit cards. The integrated terminal OPP B50 by the Company CCV will ask permission online through the server of your provider, settle the costs and transfer the results to the meter. After refuelling, the client can print out a receipt directly from the TA-100.

Independent at „ghost stations“
At fully automatic petrol stations, the TA-100 manages the complete station. It regulates the electronic fuel dispensers, displays the prices and checks the level in the tanks.




  • Highlights
  • Basic Devices
  • Card acceptance
  • Downloads
  • flexible: all current protocols (IFSF LON, ER3, ZSR, TwoWire, Dart, T02) are supported, you can even mix two protocols.
  • modular: you can connect up to 16 fuel dispensers and manage up to 8000 user cards.
  • modern: with PC interface and software included, so the computer will automatically record every refuelling.
  • high quality: all housings and pedestals made of coated stainless steel (7035 light grey).
  • secure: the integrated online terminal OPP B50 by CCV fulfills the highest international safety standards (EMV) for credit and debit card payments by chip card technology. Data on the cards are protected by a crytographic encoding system.


  • ports for 4 fuel dispensers
  • RFID or touchkey or magnetic card readers 2/3 track 2
  • management of 500 identity cards (vehicles or persons)
  • PC interface (RS232/RS422)
  • communication program for data transfer
  • memory for 1000 refuellings
  • electronic journal
  • housing width/height/depth in mm: 400/500/400


  • like TA-100
  • plus
    - CCV terminal OPP B50 for online processing of ec and credit cards
    - receipt printer
    - safety reader for chip and magnetic cards
    - communication with the provider via IADN, GPRS or DSL (depending on the provider)

Which ec or credit cards can be used at your TA-100 depends on your contract with the provider. You can choose between LAVEGO AG and TeleCash GmbH.

The terminal can accept the following cards:

  • ec card
  • girocard
  • mastercard/eurocard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • diners
  • JCB
  • Roadrunner/GAZ card
  • at the moment no

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