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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

NCS D-lightWith the automatic diesel dispenser NCS D-light you get 2 for 1: it is a reliable manager of your company petrol station and an attentive administrator of your fleet and staff.

Up to 50 vehicles or machines and up to 50 staff can be authorised to refuel through either a transponder or by introducing a numbers code at the keyboard of the integrated terminal. The provided software Start will give you all the necessary data, you can control the content of your tank and always know the status of your petrol station.

NCS D-light is used at non-calibrated pumps for liquids with a flash point >55°C (AIII).

  • Basic equipment
  • Options
  • Downloads


  • for storage tanks above ground
  • not suitable for calibration, no protection against explosion
  • about 75 l/min output
  • suction capacity up to 5m length and 2 m height
  • motor pump 400V
  • meter with oval wheel, one channel, 33,5 impulses/l
  • 4m dispenser hose DN19, electrically conductive
  • automatic dispenser valve ZVA2
  • 1.250mm / 520mm / 470mm, about 85kg

Automatic fuel meter

  • 1 fuel dispenser
  • NCS RFID-reade
  • 2-line, illuminated 8mm-display
  • capacitive keyboard
  • 50 accounts for vehicles and for persons
  • memory for 1000 refuellings
  • data-stick for data retrieval


  • Start / local version for single user
  • administration of tank contents and base data
  • list of refuellings, analysis of consumption
  • fuel dispenser with 80 l/min pump capacity
  • 2 hose fuel dispenser with 10/40 l/min pump capacity
  • version for underground storage tanks
  • version with gas separators
  • hose extension
  • breakaway coupling
  • hose coupling
  • supporting base
  • data retrieval through bluetooth / GPRS / power grid
  • touchkey-reader
  • upgrade to basic version / classic /exclusive

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