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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

Automatic washing meters with wall mount kitThe automatic meters of the SV series are perfectly adapted to manage car wash facilities. You have the option to introduce up to 15 programs or you simply open the car wash after successful authorisation. In this case, only the procedure „washing“ will be registered.

The car wash will be started like a fuel dispenser at a petrol station through the medium you supplied: transponder, touchkey, magnetic card etc. The procedure will be registered on the meter once finished and transferred to the computer or server by the means you chose. On, you find all the options you need to evaluate the data of the number of washes that you know already to get for the fuel usage.




  • Highlights
  • Basic Devices
  • Variants
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  • modern: all washing managers have a PC interface and the software is included, so every wash will be automatically recorded on the computer and no manual, expensive gathering of information will be necessary.
  • innovative: capacitive keyboard (no mechanic keyboard), so no wear, no dirt and no vandalism.
  • high-quality: all housings and pedestals made of coated stainless steel (7035 light grey)
  • flexible: manages up to 15 washing programs, recognises up to 8000 station cards, wall mounted or on a pedestal.
  • graphic display
  • capacitice keyboard
  • RFID or touchkey or magnetic card readers
  • management of 50 identity cards (vehicles or persons)
  • PC interface (RS232/RS422)
  • communication program for data transfer
  • memory for 1000 washes
  • housing width/height/depth in mm: 400/300/215

Wash meter SV-010 standard

  • on request in rose command housing
  • unlocks a relay switch (10 seconds)
  • books one wash (product 6), therefore not suitable for different wash programs

Wash meter SV-Pro 15

  • up to 15 wash programs
  • at the moment no

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