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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

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Filling up with system - Controlled Cost Savings

Software for the modern management of petrol pumps, vehicle fleets, staff and clients

The processing of fuelling data and its analysis nowadays is an essential factor in fuel cost control. Increasing fuel costs in recent years have made it more important than ever to monitor fuel consumption

You therefore need powerful administration software besides reliable hardware which is the automatic fuel meter. by Novotec is a program that sets new standards in this field. The user interface is clearly structured and easily handled, leading you quickly to all necessary functions and offering unlimited flexibility.

At your PC you will realise the efficiency of fuel flow data processing: you save money with

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  • control centre: clear, graphic presentation of the deposits with actual content and status information about the meter and the communication.
  • user-friendly: easy, nearly automatic navigation
  • evaluation: there is only one transaction list which the user can evaluate and analize in any way needed. No pre-programmed list but complete flexibility.
  • e-mail information service (a supplementary module): you will be informed by e-mail whenever a minimum/maximum level is reached in a deposit or when a dispenser or meter is defective.
  • Invoice groups ( exclusive): you can divide your clients into as many groups as you like and apply different prices, discounts and conditions of payment etc to each group. is the administration program for your whole station. You organise it according to the structure of your business and then you process all pumps, deposits, meters, vehicles, staff and clients.

Clear displays and simply structured, easy-to-complete forms make the program quite self-explanatory. always starts with a control centre. Here, you can organise your stock, change prices or communicate directly with your automatic fuel meter outside the regular communication channels if it should become necessary, with just a few mouse-clicks.

By inputting the main data onto the forms, you can organise vehicles, machines or even people into accountancy or other groups so that evaluation becomes easy. The program for evaluation and analysis is inter-active and its flexibility offers you untold possibilities. basic version

  • 1 work place
  • 1 terminal
  • management of companies, staff, vehicles, identification cards, petrol stations
  • management of deposit content or purchase prices
  • flexible lists of transactions and clients with inter-active evaluation function
  • export of transactions into other formats (for example: pdf, xls, txt, csv) classic

like basic version plus

  • management of titles
  • 2 standard fleet cards: reading and processing of transaction data (for example DKV, UTA, Euroshell, more on request) exclusive

like classic plus

  • client management, invoice function
  • DTA for credit institute
  • management of appointments (according to time on MS outlook, no appointments according to distance in km)

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